Re-Writing your Money Story

Financial literacy is the most important topic but unfortunately most ignored. 

We truly believe that everyone’s financial situation is unique and such requires a personalized approach, exactly the way there is a different medicine for different illnesses. Successful Indian families and professionals are finding it counter-productive to individually deal with multiple financial advisors and are recognizing the value of a having “Financial Coach for their Family” – An advocate who would offer unbiased advice keeping into account the unique context of the family’s financial aspirations and financial challenges.

 There are many pieces of financial puzzle and we truly enjoy putting those pieces together. Many of our clients took their  finances very lightly initially, but after meeting us they have realized how imperative it is for them to plan their finances cause they can’t work for lifetime but they can certainly put their money to work for them for life time. Bespoke planning helps you plan for uncertainties and certainties of your life and profession both. Its about knowing where you are, where you want to reach and what is a best way for to get there!  Today, PlantRich has a privilege of being a Family CFO to more than 400 families. 

When the roots are strong, there is no need to for you to fear the winds! The roots of your financial success are in  small actions that you take over a period of time, We at PLANTRICH have been coaching individuals and families  to take right actions since 2007 and helping them lead a financially fulfilling life… !

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